The Knotwork Band

The Knotwork Band is a professional Celtic folk music trio with its roots in Central Pennsylvania.
We perform traditional folk music, covers of well known songs in the genre, and our own original compositions.

Victoria Visceglia shines on silver flute, wooden whistles, occasional piano & sundry percussion, and vocals.

Wicky Barnes Jr. provides consummate guitar, bodhrán, and backing vocals.

Tommy Kochel rounds it out with everything from wooden flute, piccolo, and high & low whistles to mandolin-family strings, and bodhráns & bones, as well as vocals and song- and tune-writing.

The Knotwork Band:
Celtic folk music and related music from
the British Isles, Scandinavia, continental Europe, and North America
Top Shelf Folk Music -- performed with style.


Enjoy a mini concert of
The Knotwork Band
performing at
the Lititz Public Library,
July 2017:

[with former band member Craig Zumbrun]

Lord Mayo [trad. Irish, arr. Tommy Kochel] /
The Wedding Reel [trad. Irish, arr. Tommy Kochel]

La Valse des Bélugas [by La Bottine Souriante, arr. Tommy Kochel] /
Roskilde Havn [by Tommy Kochel, Copyright August 10, 2017]

Ross' Reel No.4 [trad. Irish, arr. Tommy Kochel] /
The Hop of the Rabbit (Saut du Lapin) [trad. Québécois, arr. Tommy Kochel] /
The Road to Buggleskelly [by John Skelton, arr. Tommy Kochel]

Attmar [trad. Swedish, arr. Tommy Kochel]

The Queen of Argyll [by Andy M. Stewart, arr. Tommy Kochel]

Wals voor Polle [by Wim Poesen, arr. Tommy Kochel] /
Horo [trad. Macedonian, arr. Tommy Kochel]


Previous Line-Ups of The Knotwork Band

Click on the tune or song titles below for audio


Our demo recording, "Knotwork," was recorded by Jared McDonald
at The Hatt Factory, Lititz, PA, on a hot summer's day in 2005.
At that time, Kelli Barto and Craig Zumbrun were members of the band.

Maggie in the Wood (trad., arr. Kochel)

Kelli Barto:  fiddle
Tommy Kochel:  whistle; wooden flute
Craig Zumbrun:  guitar

Si Beag Si Mor / Galway Races Dream / The Mouth of the Tobique / The Road to Buggleskelly

Si Beag Si Mor (by Turlough O'Carolan, arr. Kochel)

Kelli Barto:  fiddle
Tommy Kochel:  wooden flute
Craig Zumbrun:  guitar

Galway Races Dream (traditional, arr. & extra lyrics by Tommy Kochel)

Kelli Barto:  fiddle
Tommy Kochel:  bodhrán; vocals
Craig Zumbrun:  guitar

The Mouth of the Tobique (trad., arr. Kochel)

Kelli Barto:  fiddle
Tommy Kochel:  bodhrán
Craig Zumbrun:  bodhrán

The Road to Buggleskelly (by John Skelton, arr. Kochel)

Tommy Kochel:  whistle; bodhrán
Craig Zumbrun:  guitar

The Broom of the Cowdenknowes / The Sweetness of Mary

The Broom of the Cowdenknowes (trad., arr. Kochel)

Kelli Barto:  fiddle
Tommy Kochel:  whistle; harmony vocals
Craig Zumbrun:  guitar; lead vocals

The Sweetness of Mary (by Joan MacDonald Boes, arr. Kochel)

Kelli Barto:  fiddle
Tommy Kochel:  whistle
Craig Zumbrun:  guitar

The Knotwork Band (by Tommy Kochel, Copyright 2017)

Kelli Barto:  fiddle
Tommy Kochel:  10-string Irish bouzouki; lead and harmony vocals
Craig Zumbrun:  guitar

Fisherman's Blues (by Mike Scott & Steve Wickham; arr. Kochel)

Tommy Kochel:  whistle
Craig Zumbrun:  guitar; lead and harmony vocals

The Salt [The Ballynascreen Job Fair] (trad., arr. Kochel as heard by Kevin Conneff)

Tommy:  vocals

Further representative
of the music we perform:

With Central Pennsylvania's "Crofter's Heir" in 1998:

Prior to returning to live in Pennsylvania and re-forming The Knotwork Band, Tommy recorded bodhrán on two CDs by his brother’s Central PA based band, Crofter’s Heir.  Here is a track from that band’s second recording, Round Trip, featuring the two guest musicians, Tommy Kochel on bodhrán, and John Dreibelbis on Scottish small pipes.

Crofter’s Heir - “Round Trip” 1998
[recorded, mixed, and mastered by Edward VanLandeghem at Funkhouser Mastering, Lancaster, PA]

The Barren Rocks of Aden (trad.) / MacGillycuddy Rocks - polkas (trad.)

Crofter's Heir was:
Randy Kochel:  hammered dulcimer; button accordion; piano; percussion; guitar; vocals
Doug Hostetler:  guitar; vocals
Heidi Csallner:  fiddle; octave violin ("chin cello"); vocals
Matthew Ward:  tinwhistle; mandolin; tenor banjo; harmonica; vocals
Sarah Mershon:  flute; tinwhistle; vocals
Guest musicians:
John Dreibelbis:  scottish small pipes
Tommy Kochel:  bodhrán

The Knotwork Band, Northern California

"The Knotwork Band"
recorded by the Sound Engineering class,
Sacramento City Community College, October 1994

Darlin' Amby (by Day Griffin)

Dan Bender:  guitar
Day Griffin:  mandolin
Tommy Kochel:  bodhrán; whistle; lead & harmony vocals
Christine Veazey:  fiddle

The Queen of Argyll (by Andy M. Stewart, arr. Kochel)

Dan Bender:  guitar; guitar intro (by Dan Bender)
Day Griffin:  mandolin
Tommy Kochel:  guitar (DADGAE tuning); guitar top percussion; vocals
Christine Veazey:  fiddle

Star of the County Down (traditional, arr. Kochel)

Dan Bender:  guitar
Day Griffin:  harmonica; spoken vocal
Tommy Kochel:  bodhrán (snare, brush, and plain tippers); vocals
Christine Veazey:  fiddle

The Knotwork Band as a trio,
prior to the addition of Christine Veazey on fiddle:

No-name demo recording
recorded summer 1994 in Sacramento, CA

The Boys of Bluehill [traditional]
Trouble’s Waltz [Day Griffin]
The Road to Lisdoonvarna [traditional]

The Queen of Argyll [Andy M. Stewart, arr. Tommy Kochel]

Si Beag Si Mor [Turlough O’Carolan] 

The Butterfly [traditional] 

FanDangle [Dan Bender] 

Heart of the Home [Andy M. Stewart] 

Star of the County Down [traditional]

Star of the County Down – Blues riff [traditional, arr. Tommy Kochel]

This trio version of The Knotwork Band was:

Dan Bender:          guitar
Day Griffin:             harmonicas, mandolin, and dobro
Tommy Kochel:    guitar (DADGAE tuning), whistles, bodhrán, and vocals


"Demonstration" by The Knotwork Band

recorded by Erik "The Viking" Mukerjee  and mixed by Tommy Kochel
at Fig Manor Studios, Davis, CA, February, 1994

Jig of Slurs (trad.)

Star of the County Down (trad.)

Wals Voor Polle (by Wim Poesen)

"Down in the Valley"
Sheebeg an Sheemore (by Turlough O'Carolan) / The Valley of Strathmore (by Andy M. Stewart) / The Butterfly (trad.) / Foxhunter's (trad.)

Heart of the Home (by Andy M. Stewart)

"Golden Rover"
The Golden Chair (by Day Griffin) / Ramblin' Rover (by Andy M. Stewart)

Horo (trad.)

"Stumblin' Home"
The Road to Lisdoonvarna (trad.) / Drowsey Maggie (trad.)

Dan Bender:  steel string guitars
Day Griffin:  harmonicas; mandolin; backing vocals
DeeAnn Gillispie:  fiddle
Tommy Kochel:  bodhrán; whistles; guitar (DADGAE tuning); lead vocals


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