The Knotwork Band

The Knotwork Band is a professional Celtic folk music trio with its roots in Central Pennsylvania.
We perform traditional folk music, covers of well known songs in the genre, and our own original compositions.

Victoria Visceglia shines on silver flute, wooden whistles, occasional piano & sundry percussion, and vocals.

Wicky Barnes Jr. provides consummate guitar, bodhrán, and backing vocals.

Tommy Kochel rounds it out with everything from wooden flute, piccolo, and high & low whistles to mandolin-family strings, and bodhráns & bones, as well as vocals and song- and tune-writing.

The Knotwork Band:
Celtic folk music and related music from
the British Isles, Scandinavia, continental Europe, and North America
Top Shelf Folk Music -- performed with style.

Wedding Music Provided
by The Knotwork Band

     Though most of our performances are just that - performances, shows designed to entertain an attentive audience, we are equally happy to provide more of a background music setting at events where listening to the lyrics and giving the musicians attention is not necessarily appropriate.  At these events, the musicians are not the center of attention. These events have included private parties and weddings.

As seasoned musicians, we fully understand that weddings are highly personalized events.  It is, after all, YOUR day! We are capable of working with you to sculpt the perfect music for the occasion. If you've come to us for your music, we know that it's Celtic folk music you are looking for.  However, there is a wide range of music under this heading.  

We would be delighted to discuss the details of your special day with you.

Some ideas of how to consider featuring music for your wedding: 
(we have experience providing each of these musical settings)

• A full-on band performance during your rehearsal dinner - entertain those dearest to you;

• Pre-service music during guest seating - a musical environment to set the beautiful mood for the day;

• The bridal procession - be different; enter to a sound from long ago;

• Musical offerings during the service - a Celtic tune you love on instruments you love to hear;

• Post-service music - for your guests to listen to as they await their turn in the receiving line;

• Music for a "cocktail hour" portion of your reception - you may have a DJ planned, but that is often later;

• Lively Celtic dance music for the entire reception - some folks forego the DJ and keep the live band all night.


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